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Tsing Tu Blue Kambora (Darcy)

 very handsome neuter boy proudly owned and exhibited by Jocelyn, Gold Coast, QLD

Anastasiya with Tsing Tu Mataranka (Freya Way Burmese, Russia) 2012

Db Gd Ch Tsing Tu Tagama (chocolate) (Riokay Cattery)

‘Boo Bear’ was a valued stud featuring in many pedigrees.
He helped to improve head type in the breed in the 1980s/1990s

Tsing Tu Purdey (lilac) and Tsing Tu Oliver (brown)

being cuddled by their owner Andree, Tjan Cattery
c. 1991

Tsing Tu Nurunderi Boy (chocolate)

Best Kitten in Show at the Federal Kitten Show, Sydney, 1994
(approx. 120 Group 3 kittens) at just over 5 months old
Best Burmese Kitten and 2nd Best Group 3 Kitten of Show,
Picton All Breeds Cat Society Show, 1994

Celebrating Our 30th Anniversary Burmese Cat Show 22nd February 1998

Tsing Tu Sable Solomon (Molly)

Brown neuter kitten
Best Desexed Kitten and Best Kitten in Show
Group 3 Cat Club Show, Sydney, March 1998
Proudly exhibited by his owner, Kevin

Margaret's lovely Tsing Tu Shakira (Hooty) (brown tortie)

Sire: Qld Slv Db Gd Narjen Xavier
Dam: Ch Tsing Tu Taminka

Bradley’s Tsing Tu Choc Charrki (chocolate) (Kalizma Cattery)

Tsing Tu Choc Charrki’s daughter (chocolate) (Kalizma Cattery)

Lilac Burmese female kitten Tsing Tu Xquisit

seen here in the arms of her owner/breeder, namely Ann Milner was Best Group 3 Female Kitten winner in all 3 rings and runner-up in the Top 10 Kittens at the St. George District Cat Club Show 2003

Tsing Tu Apollo with Judge Allan Raymond

1st in the Top 10 Overall Kittens in Show
The Highlands Cat Club Annual Show, 2004

Judge Ingrid de Wet (Southern Africa Cat Council) holding Tsing Tu Apollo

at Western Districts Show
Best Group 3 Exhibit R 2, 2004

(left) Owner/breeder Ann Milner holding her lilac Burmese male cat, Tsing Tu Apollo

Supreme Exhibit at the 2005 Burmese Cat Society of Australasia’s February Show, with Ring 1 judge Julia Nicholls. Ann was the Society’s 2004 Burmese Breeder of the Year

(left) Happy new owners Debbie and James with their chocolate Burmese kitten, Tsing Tu Kyat Sam

and his 8th in the Top 10 rosette at the Burmese Cat Society of Australasia’s 2005 Show