Tsing Tu Burmese is a small ’boutique’ cattery. It was established in 1977 in Queensland with the purchase of two Burmese breeding females – a cream and a blue-tortie.

From our original blue-tortie and through the careful selection of successive generations, we contributed to the foundation of the breeding of the “newer colours” in the Burmese and successfully bred our own lilacs and chocolates. We are proud to have bred over time some of the very best lilac, chocolate, brown and blue Burmese.
Tsing Tu’s breeding line can be directly linked back to our very first blue-tortie female. Our breeding line has been continuous for over 40 years, thus making our Burmese today direct descendants of that queen.

The Tsing Tu prefix is recognized for breeding excellence, true to standard, and for having exhibited over 40 years some of the best Burmese seen on the show bench in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and overseas.

Tsing Tu has developed a strong breeding line with dedication to improving the Burmese breed through selective breeding, along with patience and love.

The Tsing Tu prefix has also helped to establish for others a successful breeding base, our prefix appearing in many pedigrees of selected breeders, past and present.

Tsing Tu relocated in 2017 to South Australia after a move from the ACT region in 2006 to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.