Kitten Photos

from previous litters

kitten photos sassy and abby

Sassy and Abby

Proudly owned by Chris and Bronte
From first litter, 2017
Sire: Wottawood Tao Shen
Dam: Tsing Tu Burnt Sugar
kitten photos tsing tu shentu

In memoriam

Tsing Tu Shentu

Sire of  our stud, Wottawood Tao Shen
kitten photos brown girl

Brown girl

kitten photos chocolate girl

Chocolate girl

kitten photos mixed litter burmese kittens adelaide

Mixed litter

burmese kitten photos lilac boy

Lilac boy

kitten photos kittens for sale

Xquisit and chocolate daughter, Kismet (exported NZ)

kitten photos the trio brown, brown tortie, chocolate

Brown, brown tortie and chocolate tortie kittens c. 1999