Burmese Kittens

The Burmese cat is beautiful to look at, affectionate, adaptable and intelligent, and clearly reveals the structure of the tiger. The Peter Pan of the cat world, the Burmese is renowned for their sweet nature, playful and mischievous ways. An elderly cat is as playful as it was as a kitten. Burmese cats make excellent companions and wonderful family pets. Tsing Tu is a small cattery where our Burmese cats are much-loved pets. We are a FeLV & FIV negative cattery and tested Hypokalemia-free. The kittens are born and raised indoors, initially in a nursery, but as they grow they have access to an enclosed outdoor area for exercise, sun and fresh air. They are handled from birth and are introduced to a varied quality diet from the time of weaning. Only one litter is born at any one time so that they receive the best of care and attention. There are 10 colours in the Burmese breed, but our kittens are usually brown, chocolate, lilac and blue. Kittens are available to go to new homes from 11 weeks of age and available kittens are listed on the ‘Kittens for Sale’ page.
Burmese kittens Adelaide